Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Escape Adolescence

Teenagers today are in crisis. Maybe it's because our whole culture is in a crisis of upheaval and ground-shifting change.

Philip Zimbardo, author of the famously disturbing Stanford prison experiment, and Nikita Duncan have written a short analysis of one facet of this crisis or revolution or whatever you want to call it: the Demise of Guys. I have written a short article/book review of the Demise of Guys, with added thoughts.

The article is also the maiden post of the new website I've launched, and its companion Facebook pageI plan to use the site to explore the idea that adolescence is a modern, unnecessary phenomena. I follow a few bold thinkers in this, most importantly John Taylor Gatto and psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein. I hope the site will be helpful to teens who know there's something more, and to those who teach, parent, and work with them.