Sunday, November 16, 2014

The work hole

"That's fine. You just go in your little work hole."

That was my wife's response.

She had told me about her plan to take Sundays off from classes and just relax. I don't know how to relax, I told her. I have to work.

Her characterization of my habits was (unfortunately) accurate. I'm either at school, night class, or entrenched at my home workstation. A year and a half of a rigorous administrative preparation program on top of full-time teaching, and I've dug in... and developed bad habits. Leisure? What's that?

But Humans need leisure as much as they need useful work. I know that. It just hasn't made it into my life lately. The question is, what to do about it.

Not sure I can answer that definitively in a quick (Sunday) blog post, but here's an idea: If I can't eliminate the big items that crowd my to-do list, maybe I can change my approach to them--not be such a perfectionist about them.

I'm committed to my students at school. I'm committed to becoming a school leader. But I don't need to be committed to perfection on either front.

And the reality is, success in both of these arenas is really about relationships, not how many items I've checked off in my Bullet Journal (as much as I love that thing). Reality is, none of it will be any good without my emotional and social health, and without healthy relationships at home and work. And in fact, if I start there, the rest will probably fall into place.

So, time to crawl out of my little work hole and see the world again.

Let's see if I can succeed at that.

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